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10 year structural warranty
Colours to suit your personality

Fisher Three

From $5,999

Clean and elegant

When Adam Fisher designed the Fisher spas range, he wanted to ensure that affordable didn't mean cheap. He has used his many years of spas design experience to ensure the Fisher's spas shell design could match up to spas costing many times more.

A colour for every taste

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Space for three

Plug and play

save $1,000's in hidden installation costs

We believe in making things simple. The Fisher Three spa only requires a standard 10 amp RCD protected socket to operate.


Ergonomic seating design

A spa is designed for relaxation. Uncomfortable seating does not lead to a relaxing experience. We have used decades of experience in designing spas to ensure that the Fisher Three seating is comfortable, supportive and compliments the jet layout of each seating position.

Seating for three

Seating for three

Lounger seat

The Fisher Three's beautiful recliner not only ensures a superior massage for the back, it also features jets designed to soothe away the tension on the back of the legs and feet.

Lounger seat

Focus back massage

Designed specifically as an extra seat when 3 people want to use the spa, the focused back massage seat incorporates a centrally placed massage jet for targeting area of pain or tension in the middle of the back .

Focus jets seat

Back massage seat

Specifically targeting the upper back and between the shoulders, the Fisher Three's back massage seat features three large massage jets to soothe away the stress and tension.

Back massage seat



High flow deep tissue massage jets

Individual jet pressure settings

The heart of any spa experience is the hydrotherapy the spa provides. We have select a combination of fully adjustable, hydrotherapy jets that have been expertly placed to give a different massage in each and every seating position. Also all jets are positioned on each side of the spine to massage muscle and not bone, a feature not normally found in such affordable spas.

Fisher Circuit Hydrotherapy

circuit hydrotherapy

deep tissue massage

deep tissue massage

back massage seat

Back Massage

Smoothing Massage

Smoothing Massage

Light therapy

Light therapy

Natural Candle Pond

Candles can provide a beautiful atmospheric light whilst your are relaxing in your spa. To create the sense of tranquillity, Fisher spas feature a natural candle pond suitable to up to three floating votive candles 

Colourful lighting

Chroma-therapy has long been known to effect and enhance mood and energy levels. The colour Fisher light and reflective shell adds mood and fun to your spa pool.

Sound therapy

Integrated sound system *

* Optional

iPod/MP3 docking station

Bring your favourite sounds to relax with.
The optional Fisher sound system includes a water resistant device dock that plays music straight from your phone, iPod or music device via a standard 3.5mm audio cable.


Audiophile invisible
speaker system

All our spas feature invisible speaker technology for a truly immersive audio experience. These high tech transducer speakers are embed in the spa’s shell turning the entire shell into a speaker. You can actually feel the music whilst using the spa.

More in spa features

Additional in-spa features

Neck pillow

Spas are for relaxation. To maximise relaxation, a neck pillow is installed on the lounger of the Fisher Three.

Reflexology & antislip dimples

Everyone loves a foot massage and the reflexology nodules built into the footwell of the Fisher Three provide a wonderful massaging effect whilst you enjoy your spa.

Cup holders

Whether you favourite tipple is beer, wine or something softer, the convenient glass holders mean no spills at spa time.

Easy one touch control pad

Spas should be simple to use and the one touch Spanet control pad ensures that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to control your spa. All major functions can be controlled with one touch. The spa's control system does the rest ensuring that your Fisher Three is always hot, clean and ready to use.

Energy Efficiency

Easier on the planet

Perimeter reflection insulation

By insulating the cabinet to trap the heat of the pumps around the spa, you do not need to insulate the spa’s shell. As the pumps run, they generate heat, warming the air chamber between the shell and the outer insulated wall. Once the air inside the chamber is the same temperature as the water, heat loss from the spa water stops.

Perimeter reflection insulation
Thermal maintenance free cabinet

Thermal maintenance free cabinet

The cabinets on the Fisher spas are produced using earth friendly Thermoclad material. Made from recycled plastics and timber by products, Thermoclad not only save the forests, but also boasts superior thermal retention properties that lead to lower spa running costs.

High density thermal cover

Fisher Spa covers are designed to keep the heat in and dirt and debris out. All Fisher covers use thermally wrapped and waterproofed, high density foam strengthened by aluminium U channel. Our covers utilise UV protected marine grade vinyl designedto look and perform beautifully for many years in the most extreme conditions the Aussie back yard!

High density thermal cover


Supplementing Fisher's Thermal Lock lip is a cover feature that enhances it's already impressive heat retentive characteristics - the Snoodle.


In any spa cover, there is a gap at the covers fold that can leak heat. Simple put, we fill this join with a compressible Snoodle which ensures that heat remains when it should - in your spa.

Thermal seal lip design

As heat rises, most heat loss in a spa pool is through the gap between the top of the spa and the cover. To minimise this loss of heat, all Fisher spas are designed with a unique thermal lock lip which provides and uninterrupted seal between the spa and it's cover. An added advantage of this design is that it provides a beautifully clean and uncluttered, minimalist visual statement, ensuring that Fisher Spas are thorough down to the smallest detail.

Thermal seal lip design

Easy cover lifter *

The Fisher cover lifter performs a number of functions. It allows for the cover to be removed and replaced with a minimum of effort. It becomes a one hand operation. When in the open position, the cover is suspended above the ground preventing damage from sharp surfaces. Additionally, whilst in the open position, the cover become a great privacy screen or wind break whilst your are using your spa.

* Optional


Built tough

Quad-Core Shell

Fisher Spas feature a 10 year, non-prorata shell structure warranty. Our Quad-Core shell starts with a layer of American made acrylic, further strengthened with a layer of vinyl ester resin, a marine grade polyester resin, underpinned by ceramic reinforced resin for unsurpassed strength and rigidity.

Quad core shell

Fisher Spas Warranty

We make great spas. Contemporary design married with robust construction and materials. We put our money where our mouth is by offering our industry leading Fisher Spas Warranty. You will not find a longer or more comprehensive warranty at Fisher Spas prices.

10 years spa warranty

10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty

All Fisher Spas are offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell blisters or cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

5 years spa warranty

5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

The Fisher Spas plumbing system is warranted against leaking for 5 years. The heater and jets of all Fisher Spas are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

2 years spa warranty

2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

The pump and electronic control system is warranted against defects for 2 years.

Water Quality

Crystal Clear Water

Water skimmer

The majority of contaminants in a spa's water, rise to the surface where they must be skimmed away. The Fisher Three features a skimmer box that quickly removes any floating contaminants before they can settle.

Optional Automatic Ozone

Ozone is natures oxidiser. The process of oxidisation safely destroys water bourn organic compounds allowing them to be filtered away, ensuring crystal clear water.

50 square foot, 50 micron filter

Spas filters must of selected so that their filtering area is sufficient to clarify the volume of water the spa holds. The minimum ratio is 50 sqft per 1000 liters or 50/1000. The Fisher Three boasts an impressive 83/1000 ratio.


Under the hood

Balboa control system

All Fisher Spas feature the Balboa control system. Balboa controllers are probably the widest used, most reliable control system on the market today. With 75 years behind them, Balboa are premium suppliers of control equipment to the spa industry

Gecko control system

2 in 1 pump

Fisher spas, exclusively feature advanced LX pumps. For the Fisher Three, a 2 in 1 pump as been chosen to cover both filtering and jetting function. This compact and efficient design has long been used to maximise performance whilst providing enhanced efficiency.

Red Back 2 in 1 pump

Balboa heater

All Fisher Spas heaters are supplied by Balboa Water Products, a market leader for 75 environmental and climatic conditions on the globe. Balboa heaters are designed and build to provide the most efficient heating performance for the life of your spa.

Gecko Heater